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An article must receive two positive reviews to be published. The reviewers are chosen by the Editorial Board and receive the full manuscript and the review form via Editorial System.

Any plagiarism is not acceptable in the Polityka Energetyczna - Energy Policy Journal.
During the submission of manuscripts, authors have to declare the originality of their texts. If plagiarism is detected during the initial checking/pre-screening by the Editorial Board or during the peer review process, the manuscript will be rejected or withdraw. If plagiarism is identified after publication, the publisher has the right to issue an erratum or retract the publication.

The Editorial Board uses CrossRef and iThenticate Similarity Check to verify manuscripts.


Guidelines for reviewing manuscripts:
• Each article undergoes a thorough evaluation by at least two reviewers,
• The Editorial Board uses the so-called double-blind review process, which means that the identity of both the reviewer and the author is concealed,
• The review consists in evaluating the value of the article by filling in the appropriate form in the Journal's Editorial System. It must end with an unambiguous conclusion as to the admission of an article for publication or its rejection. The reviewer may provide comments conditioning the admission of the article for publication and / or corrections made on the electronic version of the article submitted to him for review;
• The reviewer should pay special attention to the originality of the manuscript. If plagiarism is found, this should be described in the review and will constitute the basis for the rejection of the manuscript,
• The names of reviewers are not disclosed. The list of reviewers is published annually in the last issue of the Journal and on journal’s website.


The Editorial Board kindly request not to distribute copies of the article or to use the results contained therein without the consent of the authors.

The Editorial Board kindly asks reviewers to promptly prepare the review and to submit it in the Editorial System of the Journal: editorialsystem/EPJ
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